Getting certified – ASP.NET 70-562

Today, I received a very kind mail from my WebsiteSpark Champ, informing me about the news in the program. I noticed that Microsoft relaunched its popular Second Shot practice, so I decided to sign up on an ASP.NET 70-562 MCTS exam. I’d been considered it for a long time, even ordered the Training Kit for it. Will be fun, in my opinion. I’ll post my notes about it here. I plan to revise one subpoint every day (there are 38, and I enrolled to April 16, so I gave myself a little time to prepare).

I’ll use three resources to learn: the Training Kit (available at Amazon). It is a good book, but a little too beginner, that’s why I bought Matthew MacDonald’s an Mario Szpusta’s Pro ASP.NET 3.5 in C# 2008. This is truly a great and very expert book on the topic, so everybody working with ASP.NET must have it. Here I must take a break and praise Apress. Their books are fantastic, I love to learn from them. Very professional ones. Back to topic.

The third resource will be MSDN. But only those parts that were uncovered in the first two books. I don’t like MSDN as a learning resource. It’s good as a documentation, but I’ve never been able to learn from it as much as from books.

That’s enough for now, I’ll start posting the topics of the exam and my notes as soon as I revise them.

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