Blog Still Operating

Hello Everybody! Sorry for the lack of posts, currently I’m spending all my time working on my shiny new iPhone application. If things go this fast (and Apple approves my company and the application) the app will be out in two weeks. I hope people will like it, I put much work into it.

Now a little about Objective C. I like it, and getting fond of it. Poor Visual Studio is being neglected on my computers, XCode rules (for now). However, I’m quite sure I won’t change platform for good.

As I have no background (to be honest, I have a minimal background) in C or C++, I’m using Objective C to get a deeper understanding in them. I fell in love with the memory-management questions and techniques. It’s such an interesting topic, and the .NET Framework wants to do it all instead of you.

But I haven’t forgotten my goal to become an MCPD, I just take a quick refreshing excursion, so be prepared to more post of 70-536, particularly about security and reflection. Happy coding till then!

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