Getting Certified – PRO ASP.NET 70-564

As I  mentioned yesterday, my current goal is to earn an MCPD credential in ASP.NET. Given this, I must take the 70-564 exam, called PRO: Designing and Developing ASP.NET Applications.

I really don’t have an idea what this exam might look like, I found suggestions that this one is focusing on what should you do rather than how would you do it. So no more constructor overloads to memorize, just understand what and why you’d implement.

Now that’s a cool thing, but unfortunately, there’s no MeasureUp questions for this. The Training Kit is out by now, but with a price I don’t consider to be acceptable for it (it’s about a hundred dollars currently).

Because of the lack of practice questions, I’ll sit on the exam on next week, just to see what it’s all about (with the help of Second Shot, of course). Until then, I’ll use three resources to learn: Matthew MacDonald’s and Mario Szpuszta’s Pro ASP.NET 3.5 in C# 2008, which I have used to prepare for the MCTS 70-562 before, but now I’ll focus on the advanced stuff.

There’s a free Microsoft book, called Microsoft Application Architecture Guide, v2.0. This one will be most useful for the questions about how to design an ASP.NET application. Last resource is of course the MSDN.

I’ll post regularly as I progress through the syllabus of the exam.

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