70-516 Passed

Welcome back everybody, and sorry for the slight delay in posts, I just have a lot of work nowadays, and can rarely find enough time to write. The apropos of this one is that I recently passed the 70-516 exam: Accessing Data with Microsoft.NET Framework 4.

It was an interesting exam, and with a little effort to concentrate on the questions (I got bored really soon after the nth one about how would you to this and that in the shiny new Entity Framework) it is easy. I really did nothing to prepare, except that I embraced the EF 4 in my everyday works – I built some production web apps with that nowadays – and read the title Pro Entity Framework  4.0 from Appress. I think MeasureUp and the rest provides little help if you are experienced with the given technology, or if you have seen more than two Microsoft exams – but you are free to try, it certainly doesn’t hurt.

My next goal is the WCF 4.0 exam, and the MCPD in ASP.NET 4, so I will wait for the 70-523 to come out. They say it will be available quite soon – possibly in late October.

The other area which interests me is architecture (software, of course). I read Dino Esposito’s book on .NET architecture, and it acted (at least for me) as a phonebook for other important books on the topic, so I bought Martin Fowler’s Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, and digesting that now. I plan to post some of the material here, too because I used to learn by writing down what I read – and it just works.

Some quick info for those who are still tuned: I started a Bsc on economy informatics, which takes my weekends, continuing sociology (only one year left), building up my company (we’re spending our days interviewing wannabe salesmen, and trying to find a suitable office in town), and working on a bunch of web applications and CMS systems. In the spare time, I’m learning architecture. Oh, and I bought a Kindle for the purpose – much faster delivery than waiting one-two weeks for a book to arrive in Hungary…

So be prepared for some posts to come along.

One thought on “70-516 Passed

  1. Hi Konczuras,

    I am Bipin Jain.
    First of all thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I am going to appear for MCTS 1st time for paper 70-516 in coming week.
    I want to know about which type of questions are asked in this exam.
    If you guide me with some questions then it will be so much helpful to me.

    Hope I will get quick response.

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