Announcing my new website

I did a little redesign (a complete change in the inner workings) on my website, Be sure to check it out – I did a little experiment on AJAX. Nothing revolutionary, just hijaxed all links, and made sure to use all the benefits of the new ASP.NET MVC 3.

About the inside: SQL Server 2008, Entity Framework 4 with hardcore DTO generation, VS Unit tests (from now on, I’ll be using nUnit) and of course MVC and JQuery with the unobstrusive approach. For those who don’t like javascript fooling around, I’ve implemented clean URLs and some other stuff.

The nicest part was the fetching of this blog’s RSS feed to show the ten newsest posts on the site. It uses LINQ to XML. OK, I cannot resist, I’ll make a post for it soon, but there’s some polishing to be done on it for better reusability. Anyway, check it out. Oh, there’ll be a mind blasting awesome banner on the top, too, but my designer friend hadn’t got the time to create it yet.

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