New job, new country

The blog has been a bit inactive in the past few weeks. That’s because I got a new job and I have to cross the borders for it.

I’ll be a senior developer at Solarwinds in their Brno office, Czech Republic. It’s not that far away from my current location (400 kms) but it’s another country and a huge leap for me, since I lived most of my life in my hometown, Budakalász, in the agglomeration of Budapest.

So there are preparations, I’m trying to find somewhere to live and also coping with the Czech language. It’s not that difficult compared to Hungarian, but it’s not something I ever encountered with so that burns lots of time. Fortunately Solarwinds offered to do most of the paperwork for me which is very nice since I imagine that the bureaucracy is very similar to that in Hungary.

Anyway, wish me good luck if you prepared from some of my materials, there’d be need of it :).

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