70-564: Tomorrow

Anyone who read my most recent posts can think that they are just drafts. I think it’s true, because I don’t know what to prepare for, sometimes I wouldn’t like to review a topic, because I consider it too basic and sometimes I can’t even start to learn the exact same topic, because of the its complexity.

These things helped me make my decision: I’ll take this exam tomorrow. If I pass it, well, it’s good for me, I was prepared. If not, it’ll be good for you, because you get study material which was produced and reviewed by heart.

So I’ll post my experiences (and my result) tomorrow. The next exam I’m currently considering is the Windows Forms MCTS (70-505). But it’s possible that I’ll head for the 70-503, WCF exam, because I ordered the book a month ago, and I’d desperately like to read it.

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