Blog reopened

Welcome back everybody! As you can guess I was a little overwhelmed in the past days, so I’ve lacked the necessary time to write articles in a continuous manner, but that ends today.

The sad part first: I’ve lost my interest in WCF a while ago, so there won’t be any post about it till something extraordinary happens. The happier: I started to work with ASP.NET MVC, and it was love at the first sight. Producing such clean HTML, and the total control over how’s it rendered (not to say anything about built-in URL routing)! But what was far more appealing is the Model-View-Controller pattern.

I found out that I don’t know enough about design patterns as a whole. That gave me the apropos to order the Design Patterns book written by the Gang of Four. From now on, till there won’t be any more left, I post one or two patterns with C# code examples a day, from tomorrow. Be sure to check back!

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