KonczGergely.com launched

Take my excuses for not posting regularly nowadays, but I’m knee-deep in work. I built a little site to advertise this fact, which you can find at http://konczgergely.com. You can guess that this is my personal site.

However, the blog stays and serves as a technical resource, while my site will be the collection of my recent projects. Anyway, check it out, it is the first site based solely on ASP.NET MVC I built. A catch: because it is hosted on GoDaddy, sometimes it just fails to launch properly for a minute or two. This is because GoDaddy doesn’t supprot MVC (a fact I learned too late), but in the majority of the time, it works as expected.

You can even read this blog on that site (thanks to LINQ to XML), and I’ll update the content there as soon as I have enough time.

70-515 Passed

I couldn’t take the pressure of not being certified in .NET 4.0, and with the upgrade exams delayed until December, I felt an urgent need to take the 70-515 ASP.NET 4.0 exam, which I passed successfully today.

The exam changed a bit (it was much more fun) since the previous version, and it was a real pleasure. I didn’t really use any learning sources, because I work with everything covered in the objectives on a daily basis.

Anyway, if you have passed the 70-562, then study a little MVC, and you are ready to go.