70-483 Programming in C#

Last week I sat 70-483, Programming in C#. It was beta period so it was (at least supposed to be) free. The exam experience had a little glitch: I signed up in one test site (not my usual one, they were full). Luckily I had the extra precaution to call them before I’d go there (but after booking the exam). It turned out that even though I could book the exam online and they stated they had seats to that day (which was deadline of the beta period) nobody will be in the center because of summer vacations. So I had to pay an extra $25 as a transfer fee to be able to go to another test site.

OK, now about the exam: it was easy. And it was really about the C# language, not the .NET framework. So there were questions on syntax, too.

 I’m working with C# for four years now so there weren’t too many surprises so it took about an hour to finish the questions, review them and leave.  You can view the exam topics here.

One thought on “70-483 Programming in C#

  1. Sadly, there are no preparation e-books for those new exams.

    You say it’s easy, but it would be very embarrasing in hte eyes my colleagues if I wouldn’t pass the excam when I wouldn’t be prepared.

    The thing is I didn’t take any of Microsot’s exams yet. So I don’t know what I could expect.

    And I would like to start by taking this 70-483 exam…..

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